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And out of space there came the half-remembered face of a woman whose Ainerai I had attended more than twenty years before; then the familiar countenance of a man who had been more than a friend and whom I had last seen laid to rest in his coffin twelve years previously; and, finally, the sweet smiling picture of a child I knew who had died in an accidental fall.
These three peered at me with tranquil faces, and their friendly voices sounded once again around me. I had the shortest of conversations with the so-called dead, who soon melted away and vanished.
"They too live, even as thou livest, even as this Pyramid, which has seen the death of hali/a world, lives on," said the
High Priest.       Cv3Sp%7   *&>'
"Know, my son, that in this Ancient fane lies the lost record of the early races of man and or the Covenant which they made with their Creator through the first of His great prophets. Know, too, that chosen men were brought here of old to be shown this Covenant that they might return to their fellows and keep the great secret alive. Take back with thee the warning that when men forsake their Creator and look on their fellows with hate, as with the princes of Atlantis in whose time this Pyramid was built, they are destroyed by the weight of their own iniquity, even as the people of Atlantis were destroyed.              f^i- 6 * I *
"It was not the Creator who sank Atlantis, but the selfishness, the cruelty, the spiritual blindness of the people who dwelt on those doomed islands. The Creator loves all; but the lives of men are governed by invisible laws which He has set over them. Take back this warning, then."
There surged up in me a great desire to see this mysterious Covenant and the spirit must have read my thought, for he quickly said:
"To all things there is an hour. Not yet, my son, not yet."                                         aalji /.-JHCirAOW
I was disappointed.                         ^TFJiAr^.
He looked at me for a few seconds.
"No man of thy people hath yet been permitted to behold such a thing^ but because thou art a man versed in these tilings, and hast come among us bearing goodwill and understanding in thy heart, some satisfaction thou shalt have. Come with me!"
And then a strange thing happened.   I seemed to fall into a